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Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond
Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond

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80 Piece Carving Set in Wooden Case with Chef Harvey

80 Piece Carving Set in Wooden Case.

  • Includes The Following Tools:
  • K-1 Pointed Paring Knife, K-3 Slanted Knife,  K-3 Curved Paring Knife, K-4 Bird's Beak Knife, V-1 Fruit/Vegitable Decorator, S-1 Fruit/Vegitable Saw, SP-1 Stripper-Pointer, SF-1 Stripper-Flat, DSS Double Sided Veg./Fruit Scoop, C-1 Crinkle Cutter, U-1 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle, U-2 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle, U-3 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle, U-4 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle, U-5 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle, U-6 "U" Carving Tool w/Handle, V-1 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle, V-2 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle, V-3 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle, V-4 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle, V-5 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle, V-6 "V" Carving Tool w/Handle, -5 Utility Knife, SUS Shallow "U" Small W/Handle, SUM Shallow "U" Med. W/Handle, SUL Shallow "U" Large W/Handle, FBS Flat Bottom Small "U" W/Handle, FBL Flat Bottom Large "U" W/Handle, RV Reversed "V" W/Handle, PSS Pointed Spoon Small W/Handle, PSM Pointed Spoon Med. W/Handle, PSL Pointed Spoon Large W/Handle, Fss Flouted Single Small W/Handle, FSL Flouted Single Large W/Handle, MFCS Multi-Flouted Small W/Handle, MFCL Multi-Flouted Large W/Handle, WS Waved Small W/Handle, Wl Waved Large W/Handle, DSFU Double Sided Flat Bottom "U", DSV Double Sided Large "V", DSU Double Sided Large "U", DSCU Double Sided Curved "U", DSCV Double Sided Curved "V", AV Angled "V", T Tweezers, S-C1 Scalloped Cutter 1, S-C2 Scalloped Cutter 2, S-C3 Scalloped Cutter 3, CS Carrot Shaver, DHT Double Happiness Template, R-C Rabbit Cutter, RF-C Rounded Flower Cutter, Bu-C Butterfly Cutter, DO-C Dove Cutter, FD-C Flying Dove Cutter, BE-C Bear Cutter, DR-C Dragon Cutter, P-C Phoenix Cutter, H-C1 Hart Cutter 1, H-C2 Hart Cutter 2, H-C3 Hart Cutter 3, H-C4 Hart Cutter 4, H-C5 Hart Cutter 5, L-C Leave Cutter, TF-C Tulip Flower Cutter, G-C Goose Cutter, TD-C1 Tear Drop Cutter 1, TD-C2 Tear Drop Cutter 2, TD-C3 Tear Drop Cutter 3, TD-C4 Tear Drop Cutter 4, TD-C5 Tear Drop Cutter 5, TD-C6 Tear Drop Cutter 6, F-C1 Flower Cutter 5 Scallops 1, F-C2 Flower Cutter 5 Scallops 2, F-C3 Flower Cutter 5 Scallops 3, CC-C1 Chinese Character (Long Life), CC_C2 Chinese Character (Happiness), CC-3 Chinese Character (Wealth, CC-C4 Chinese Character (Double Happiness), CC-C5 Chinese Character (Get

Item ID: 079686044334

DVD Hard Copy: $99.99


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