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Kennedy -  This 1- Starring Martin Sheen (2 Disk Set DVD)
Kennedy - This 1- Starring Martin Sheen (2 Disk Set DVD)

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Loti Group - Navy Seals - Tides Of Specwar on DVD



*This double feature DVD disk includes the hit film : “NAVY SEALs In Vietnam The DVD”

When it absolutely positively must be destroyed overnight, America sends in the Navy SEALS.For fifty years America has relied on the forerunners of Navy SEALs for the most vital and dangerous missions in every war. From the Demolitioneers and UDTs of WWII and Korea, to the SEALs in Vietnam, Central America and the Persian Gulf; these elite commando have always succeeded where no other force dared follow. This film chronicles the powerful men and events that shaped the Teams and forever changed the way they operate.

This bold film breaks new ground with rare appearances by four generations of famous UDT/SEAL Commanders who dared to break with tradition. . "SEAL Tides Of SPECWAR" is a unique historical perspective; the first hand account of SEAL history as seen through the eyes of those involved:

  • Legendary UDT Commander and Author Francis "Doug" Fane tells how he made the first frogmen out of demolitoneers and opened the world of underwater warfare to the Navy.
  • LTCDR. Roy Boehm explains how he was tasked with the top secret creation of SEAL Team Two, allowing America to enter the theater of guerrilla warfare.
  • Controversial Author and Ex-Commander of SEAL Team Six, Richard Marcinko reveals how he created the shock force unit, SEAL Team Six, moving SEALs into the arena of counter terronism.
  • CDR Tom Katana, Commanding Officer of SEAL Team 8, America's newest SEAL Team puts a current spin on SEAL history by giving an inside look at what it takes to be a modern SEAL, andwhere SEALs are headed in the future.

This is the most exciting SEAL film to date. Don't miss the chance to experience SEAL history-past, present, and future-as told by the men with first hand knowledge. "Navy SEAL Tides Of SPECWAR " is a once in a lifetime film event. From the genesis of the Teams on D-Day, to anti-terrorists, to SEAL snipers, to SEAL desert warfare and every step in between, this film has it all. If you can only see one film about Navy SEALS, make sure this is the one! Tape sales benefit the UDT SEAL Museum. 

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DVD Hard Copy: $24.95

Digital Streaming: $5.99

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