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Dive Travel - Costa Rica with Divemaster Gary Knapp on Blu-ray
Dive Travel - Costa Rica with Divemaster Gary Knapp on Blu-ray

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Loti Group - Special Operations - Police Tactics on DVD

Police Special Operations Tactics featuring C. R. "Chuck" Habermehl Trouble on the horizon is not going away. In the age of domestic terrorism, police officers trained in the use of special skills, tactics, and weapons are just as vital to domestic security as SPECWAR units are to national security. Homeland Security issues demand more of Police Special Operations teams than ever. The utility of advanced tactical training for these units can no longer be debated. These teams are called upon to deal with law enforcements most dangerous jobs such as: "Active Shooter" Barricaded Subjects, Vehicle Takedowns, Warrant Service, Hostage Rescue Chuck Habermehl designed. Police Special Operations Tactics to educate teams about proper procedures and advanced training tactics. This in depth DVD features battle tested techniques plus cutting edge police special operations tactics. This program includes stunning vehicle takedown drills utilizing motorcycles, ATVs, 4X4s and custom outfitted SUVs. This 1 hour & 45 minute tactical training tutorial covers field proven tactics, techniques, and theories used in high risk entry situations, including:  Large structure clearing using line flood, Large structure clearing using power flood. 3 Man entries using a shield, 4 Man entries using a shield, Leapfrog with shield,  Linear entry techniques, Vehicle takedowns, Mobile hostage rescue, Moving on stairwells with & without shields ? Last man call drills, Simultaneous hallway clearing, Rural operations CQB Inc founder, Chuck Habermehl is an internationally recognized expert in the field of tactical training. His law enforcement credits span more than two decades. During his career, Habermehl has served as a deputy Chief of police, firearms instructor, tactical trainer, and the Commander of a South Florida SWAT Team. He uses his expertise and experience to address the unique training needs of special operations units world wide. To date, Habermehl has spent nearly 30 years teaching tactical combat courses to police and military personnel. This Special Edition DVD includes a bonus feature showcasing SWAT Wterborne Operations, including water insertions via high speed casting. The DVD format allows you to watch the program in its entirety or go directly to just the lessons you want to review. The Train Hard Fight Easy series on DVD is your backstage pass to elite tactical units in training for Spec Ops missions. Each title showcases cutting edge training & tactics presented by world-class instructors. You?ll stay on the edge of your seat & looking forward to the next DVD. Train Hard Fight Easy--there is no acceptable alternative. A LOTI Group film on DVD. 90 miutes. Color ©2006

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