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Fun To Know - Drum Set - Assembly, Tuning & Positioning on DVD
Fun To Know - Drum Set - Assembly, Tuning & Positioning on DVD

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The Amos & Andy Platinum Edition Boxed DVD Set

Deluxe Boxed Collection contains 9 Disk Set: Deluxe Boxed Collection contains:Disk 1: Episodes: Getting Mama Married 1, Getting Mama Married 2, Andy Buys a House, The Happy Stevens and Arabia. Disk 2: Episodes: Andy Plays Santa Claus, The Broken Clock, The Winslow Woman, Call Lehigh 4-9900 and Laroy Lends a Hand. Disk 3: Episodes: Birthday Card, Relatives, Kingfish's Last Friend, Qou Vadis and Andy Falls in Love with an Actress. Disk 4: Episodes: Sapphire Disappearts, The Gun, The Turkey Dinner, Superfine Brush and Cousin Effie's Will. Disk 5: Episodes: Hospitalization, The Antique Shop, The Rare Coin, The Young Girl's Mother and The Girls Upstairs. Disk 6: Episodes: Amos Helps Out, Ballet Tickets, The Diner, Engagement Ring and Andy Gets a Telegram. Disk 7: Episodes: The Adoption, Leroy's Suits, The Convention, Ready Made Family and Kingfish Gets Drafted. Disk 8: Episodes: Traffic Violations, The Society Party, Kingfish's Secretary, New Neighbors and Vacation. Special Features Disk 9: Episodes: Eyeeglasses, Seeing is Believing, Viva La France and The Boarder.

Starring: Alvin Childress, Spencer Williams Jr., Tim Moore, Ernestine Wode, Amando Randolph, Johnny Lee and. Horace Stewar, and much more. The Amos 'N Andy Show achieved notoriety in the 1950's as a hilarious comedy. While stylized, as comedy often is, it was this very style along with superb acting characterized each episode. As we watch the timeless antics of the Kingfish. Andy, Sapphire, Momma, Amos, Algonquin J calhoun, and Lightning, we see a full measure of ourselves and laugh heartily. You are cordially invited to enter this very special world of comedy and message as only this cast could create it. Includes: All 44 uncut episodes. Approximate Running Time: 44 Show's each 30 minutes a total of 1320 minutes.

Item ID: 754309011709

DVD Hard Copy: $54.95


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