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TRAVEL - Africa - Destination Africa on DVD
TRAVEL - Africa - Destination Africa on DVD

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SPORT - Gymnastics Preschool Workout-Let's get Started-Avanced 3 Program Combo

Three Great Gymnastics Videos on 1 DVD:
1. Preschool Workout
Games and activities for children ranging in age from 3 to 6 years are presented by the gymnastics leaders from Olympic Gymnastics in South Florida. Activities include group participation play, games involving team unification that help develop social skills, self confidence and self esteem. This 45 minute program is easy to run at home, indoors or outdoors. Children are taught self disipline and working togather while playing fun games and doing healthy excercises.
2. "Let's Get Started"
Gymnastics helps to develop lifetime skills including concentration, self-discipline, self-control, coordination, and increases the ability to learn and think quickly. Gymnastics activities produce a better self-image through physical skills and interaction with others. This program has been developed to provide insight and training for beginners and instructors.
3. Coaching and Spotting of Advanced Gymnasts
This program features coaching and spotting instructions for the balance beam and uneven bars. Several practice exercises are featured including mounts and dismounts. Basic routines and games are presented allowing for instructional material to be presented entertainingly. ©2005 - Color]

Run Time: 120 mins.

Item ID: 754309013024

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95

Digital Streaming: $5.99

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