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Fun To Know: Car Care Tips (DVD)
Fun To Know: Car Care Tips (DVD)

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Arthritis and Rheumatism: Prevent, Conquer or Control with Melba Martin on DVD

Featuring Melba Martin N.D.
Arthritis and rheumatism afflict people of all ages, causing symptoms ranging from discomfort to complete crippling.
In this program, Melva Martin shows how correctly applied manipulation of the joints can either ensure against or treat existing joint problems. Her video is targeted at three groups:
1. Physically fit people who wish to avoid joint problems in later life
2. People who are experiencing the first twinges of joint pain and want to keep it from getting worse
3. People who are being treated for joint-related diseases and are looking for a way to lessen pain without drugs
This video is practical and simple - just fast-forward to the required joint, view the section, and follow the instructions. No previous training is required to perform these manipulations safely, without drugs and cost.

©2005 - Color

Run Time: 45 mins.

Item ID: 754309013079

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95

Digital Streaming: $5.99

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