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Fun To Know: Car Care Tips (DVD)
Fun To Know: Car Care Tips (DVD)

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History on Video - Dr. Charles Drew: Inventor of the Blood Bank on DVD

Charles Drew, MD is founder of Blood Bank medicine. From Dr. Drew?s birth to middle class parents in Washington, DC to his tragic death in an automobile accident 45 years later, all of his major accomplishments and milestones are portrayed in a chronological, concise and organized manner. Two scholars from Morehouse College and the Morehouse School of Medicine, Dr. Lester Rodney and Dr. John Anderson, expand on the basic facts and provide analysis and interpretation about the famous educator and surgeon. Drew had to overcome racism, limited facilities, and reduced opportunities, but in so doing he left an enduring legacy of accomplishment, knowledge and pride. His story is told here. [c2004 - Color] Run Time: 70 mins.

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DVD Hard Copy: $19.95

Digital Streaming: $5.99

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