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Fun To Know - Drum Set - Assembly, Tuning & Positioning on DVD
Fun To Know - Drum Set - Assembly, Tuning & Positioning on DVD

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Dive Travel - Alaska with Divemaster Gary Knapp on DVD

As the great glaciers of the last ice age retreated from Southeast Alaska and British Columbia, a new and beautiful land was born. Islands were freed from the ice and the green waters of the North Pacific flowed into the coves and glacier-carved fjords of the mountain-crowned coast. A robust past recalls the days of Russian fur traders and gold hungry prospectors. Of ancient and complex Indian cultures that thrived on the rich bounty from the sea. Join us on this special Dive Travel adventure as we take our dry suits to the most northern route yet in our series, heading to Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, and take an incredible and adventurous ten day cruise and dive along the inside passage as we head our way to Sitka, Alaska. In Vancouver we tour the beautiful city, take a gondola ride up Grouse Mountain, and take a spectacular helicopter tour of the surrounding rocky, rugged, snowcapped mountain ranges and the beautiful harbor before boarding Captain Mike,s Nautilus Explorer on this special cruise. As we cruise the majestic 1,000 mile inside passage, the ever changing panorama of natural beauty comes alive. It,s here we witness hundreds of bald eagles, feeding, nesting and circling overhead , along with harbor seals, Alaska brown bears, humpback whales, and sea otters. The Nautilus Explorer slowly glides through ice bergs that surround the ship, and doesn't  stop until we reach the Le Conte Glacier, which is located at the head end of Le Conte Bay directly in front of us. Here we anxiously get off the boat to swim and stand on these giant ice cubes of the ocean. We tour giant cascading water falls and hot springs while witnessing the spectacular beauty of this wilderness country that only Alaska can provide. But it,s under the sea we dive, in our dry suits, in frigid ice cold water and find the special coral, seals and marine life that are native to this region and call this northern part of the country home. Sit back now and enjoy this special Dive Travel adventure from our 49th state, Alaska.©2009, Color, 30 Minutes. ©2015

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