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Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)
Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)

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History On Video - Science - Insects and People - DVD

Insects and People Behavioral scientist and Morehouse College science professor Dr. Duane Jackson, PhD, performs research on the behavior relationships of insects and people. This program presents Dr. Jackson?s research. He explains exactly what his research uncovers and its importance. Dr. Jackson is also reparing students for research careers and one of his pupils discusses his work. HIGH ACHIEVERS reports on the training of bright Black males for the health professions at one of the top undergraduate colleges in the nation. The Health Professions Department at Morehouse College has sent more Black males to medical school than any other college, according to the American Association of Medical Colleges. Noted alumni includes Surgeon General David Satcher, M.D. and Louis Sullivan, M.D., former Secretary for Health and Human Services and President of the Morehouse School of Medicine. This program presents interviews with students enrolled and with educators who are the driving force behind preparing students to meet the pressing demand for more Black medical professionals. Morehouse is the only all-Black male college in the U.S. This medical program is part of a series that is the largest covering Black medicine in the U.S. 65 Minutes,©2014

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