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Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond
Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond

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Dive Travel - EGYPT: Luxor & the Eastern Desert on Blu ray.

Egypt.Luxor & the Eastern Desert Welcome to Africa. We are here in Egypt to make a series of shows on the Red Sea and the treasures of ancient Egypt. With the fantastic array of both underwater and monumental treasures that Egypt has to offer, we simply couldnt get it all done in one show. In this Dive Travel Adventure we are going to travel south from Cairo to the Eastern Desert region flying into the coastal resort of Hurghada. Here we will transfer to the road for a further 100 miles of coastal journey to one of the Red Sea?s best kept secrets, El Quseir, known as "The Jewel of the Red Sea" Thats not all the region has to offer as we discover when we drive inland to the beautiful Nile River and the awe inspiring city of Luxor where we find some incredible ancient monuments such as Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings. In our other Red Sea Shows we visit Cairo in depth, traveling on to the Sinai Peninsula with all it has to offer, plus we spend a fantastic week on Bella 1 taking a Red Sea live-aboard cruise visiting the awesome wrecks of the northern Red Sea. Here to help me on this epic journey as we travel through Egypt is Steve Rattle of Pharaoh Dive Club, my host and tour guide. Before we visit Luxor and the Eastern Desert region we could not miss the opportunity to take you on a top side tour of Cairo, our gateway into Egypt. Our hosts for this show include The Pharaoh Dive Club, and Moevenpick Resort, both in El Quseir. Sit back now and come along with us as we take you on an awe inspiring journey to Luxor and the Eastern Desert region of Egypt. 

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