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Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond
Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond

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Dive Travel - Egypt - Wrecks of the Northern Red Sea with Master Gary on Blu-ray

Welcome to Africa. We are in Egypt to make a series of shows on the Red Sea and the treasures of ancient Egypt.
On this Dive Travel Adventure we fly into Hurghada where we join the crew of the “Bella 1” for a cruise in the north of the Red Sea, diving the awe inspiring wrecks located in that region.
Here divers have an option of extending their stay, adding land based trips to other regions of the country such as Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, or El Quseir.
On this journey we board the Bella with other divers from Denmark for an incredible seven day adventure.
In other Red Sea shows we visit Cairo in depth with a tour of its iconic Pyramids and travel into Asia to visit all the Sinai Peninsula has to offer, with the bustling Sharm El Sheikh and laid back Dahab.
Continuing the adventure in further programs, we visit Luxor and the Eastern Desert region taking in the undiscovered ‘Jewel of the Red Sea’ -El Quseir.
Before we board the Bella…. we take you on a top side tour of the wonders of modern and ancient Egypt, visiting Cairo, Luxor and Hurghada.
Our sponsors for this Dive Travel Show are the Pharaoh Dive Club, and the Egyptian Tourist Board.
Sit back now and enjoy the wonders of ancient Egypt and the wonders located deep within the depths of the ocean, as we reveal the magnificent wrecks of the Red Sea in the Gulf of Suez. ©2010, 30 Minutes


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