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Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond
Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond

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Dive Travel - Egypt - Cairo and Sinai with Divemaster Gary Knapp on Blu-ray

Egypt .Cairo and the Sinai Peninsula. Welcome to Africa. We are here in Egypt to make a series of shows on the Red Sea and the treasures of ancient Egypt. With the fantastic array of both underwater and monumental treasures that Egypt has to offer, we simply could not get it done in one show. In this Dive Travel Adventure we are going to visit the main gateway of Cairo, with its iconic Pyramids and then travel into Asia and the Sinai Peninsula to the Red Sea resorts of bustling Sharm El Sheikh and laid back Dahab. In our other shows we visit Luxor and the Eastern Desert region featuring undiscovered diving at the "Jewel of the Red Sea" - El Quseir. In another show, we sail off on the live-aboard Bella 1, exploring the myriad of wrecks in the south of the Gulf of Suez. Helping me with this epic journey, as we travel through this amazing country of Egypt, is Steve Rattle from Pharaoh Dive Club Travel, both my personal host and tour guide. We begin our journey with a topside tour of the wonders of modern and ancient Cairo, then dive the beautiful reefs off Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab. Our sponsor hosts for this show are Afifi El Shimiy from Learning Through Travel, Osama Rushudy of Pharaoh Divers, Sharm El Sheikh and Khaled Amin of Sub Sinai Dahab. Now sit back and enjoy the wonders of ancient Egypt, as we take you to Cairo and the Sinai Peninsula. ©2010, 30 Minutes.

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