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Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond
Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond

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Barbara Lee George - Barbara Lee George

Barbara Lee George: born in Birmingham, Alabama, the youngest of three children. Barbara's parents, Margo and Frank George, met in a music store and as Margo climbed a latter to retrieve some sheet music for Frank... Frank forgot all about Betty Grable and heard wedding bells for Margo.  Over the next 6 years, as the George family grew, so did their musical influences. As Birmingham's on-air hostess of a Live Jazz radio show, Margo introduced the children to jazz, while Frank introduced Barbara and her brothers to classical music. Frank was the associate conductor and manager of the Birmingham Pop Symphony Orchestra.

Barbara Lee George is a singer/songwriter whose voice and compositions appeal to a broad audience; from Jazz, Latin, Folk, Rock, Country, Hip Hop, Symphonic to Lullaby. Barbara and her band will take you for a heart-felt and mind expanding ride that will leave you better for having made the journey. Saddle-up and enjoy the ride!!!


1)    Live and Learn, 2) The Truth Behind His Eyes, 3) My Heart Requires You, 4) Foolish Man, 5) Beyond Still Waters, 6) Straight From the Heart, 7) Unexpected Clarity, 8) Laughing, 9) Call Me (All You’ve Got to Do Is Call me), 10) Broken Misused Feathers, 11) Barbara.

© 2010, 44 Minutes


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