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Pro Photo Techniques - Vol. 1 - 3 DVD Set Box
Pro Photo Techniques - Vol. 1 - 3 DVD Set Box

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Education 2000 Inc.- The Stroke - Stroke - Conversations & Explanations


Researchers at The University of Texas, Health Sciences Center at Houston (UTHealth) have created the most Imported DVD THE STROKE Conversation’s and Explanation’s.  In the two segments DVD set. The DVD humanizes stroke survivors and families by telling their stories and to educate the public (AND ESPECIALLY YOU) about the importance of early recognition and treatment.



Conversations with Couples: This video is an honest and poignant exploration of the impact of strokes on the lives of six couples. The couples, ranging in age from their early 40s to their Late 70s, are interviewed two to four years after their strokes. They discuss the impact of the stroke on their lives and relationships. They explore TOPICS such as intimacy, finances, depression, pain, frustration, fear, job loss, and daily struggles. Despite their suffering, they reveal the ability of the human spirit to maintain hope and to work for a better future.



This DVD is an in-depth exploration of stroke – the warning signs, early treatment, and continuing recovery. Interviews. Interviews with three neurologists are interspersed with short clips of couples describing the onset of their strokes. The audience learns about the newest techniques for reducing brain damage through early treatment of stroke in the emergency room. Rehabilitative measures to retrain the body after the stroke are also discussed.



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