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TRAVEL - Africa - Destination Africa on DVD
TRAVEL - Africa - Destination Africa on DVD

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A Better World - Alexander Wijnen - Aquarius Wholism

Programmed Sea Salts for Health of Body, Mind & Environment

Planet Earth is one large ecological system in which all life forms are interdependent and interconnected. All facets of nature strive to function together in a state of self-sustaining equilibrium. This is a sharp contrast to the tactics of current society with its thoughtless depletion of natural resources and resulting pollution.

Our modern world seems to have opted for a path based on short term thinking rather than a course of action based on attunement with and respect for nature. The result is that the balance of life on earth has been seriously compromised. The consequences of these actions present serious challenges with which we will have to deal in the near future.

Alexander Wijnen, founder of Aquarius Wholism, a company dedicated to the education & distribution of programmed salts for healing, health, protection & the evolution of consciousness, speaks with Mitchell about these and their tested effects on health, electro-magnetic fields and the influences on consciousness, the goal being to turn around people’s attitudes & practices.

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