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Kennedy -  This 1- Starring Martin Sheen (2 Disk Set DVD)
Kennedy - This 1- Starring Martin Sheen (2 Disk Set DVD)

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Napkin Folding In New Orleans-Cigar Connoisseur-Horsemanship Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Napkin Folding In New Orleans:

Tyrone Howard is known throughout the world for his unique banquet designs and buffet table presentations. He has trained hundreds of waiters and demonstrated napkin design before thousands of people. On this tape, Tyrone shares twnty-one unique techniques yielding hundreds of ways to dress up and accentuate individual table settings and buffet tables. The designs presented on this tape can help lend a festive air to an intimate dinner party or create a dramatic setting for a thousand person banquet, and much much more. 75 minutes.

Cigar Connoisseur Cuban Handmade Cigar:

Segments include a brief general History of tobacco and cigars, hand made factory tour, brand named and types of cigars within the brands featured, choosing a cigar, cuttinglighing, and the right way to hold and smoking cigars is included. Accessories and humidor use for storage is covered. This program features hand made Cuban artisans creating many types of cigars. Types of tobacco used, blends, proper Cuban rolling techniques, pressing, flagging, aging, quality control and customer appreciation is well covered by the company owner, Nick Perdomo, and much much more. 50 minutes, Color, ©2012  

Horsemanship Vol. 1 and Vol. 2:

Scottish-born Leonie Baker brings a wealth of international experience and expertise to this video program.

Armed with a British Horse Society Assistant Instructor's license at an early age, she was schooled further in horsemanship at Liestal, near Basel, Switzerland for four-and-a-half years. After that, she served as stable manager, trainer and instructor in "Three-Day-Eventing" competition for five years in Gloucestershire, England, for nearlly five years. Additionally, she competeted th that extremely demanding test of horse and rider. Today, Lonie calls the United States home. She competes in Dressage and has held her current position as trainer and instructor at the Malibu Riding and Tennis Club for the past eleven years.The discipline of ther English and Continal based training is tempered with genuine qarmth and friendship fro her students. These students command great respect in regional competion and every available event. The proof of horse and rider is coming home with the ribbons. The malibu Riding and Tennis Club tam never comes home empty handed. Part 1: The Fundamentals, Part 2 Intermediate English Riding,  Part 3: Riding & Jumping Basics



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