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TRAVEL - Africa - Destination Africa on DVD
TRAVEL - Africa - Destination Africa on DVD

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When Women had Tails-When Women Lost Their Tails-Sweet Dirty Tony-Man-Eater

When Women Had Tails

The scene is set one-or-so million years ago, when women had tails and men were trying to figure it out. the strange animal (stunning Senta Berger) that is captured by seven caveman brothers is a mystery to them. For the first time in their lives they experience the pleasures of a woman and the line forms at the rear. It seems that is the only way she can avoid certain death as a prehistoric meal. So is this how it all began The situation and dialogue are hilarious from beginning to end. Lena Wertmuller co-wrote the screenplay. 99 minutes. Color. Adults only. Strong sexual content / nudity / slapstick violence. Color. 

When Women Lost Their Tails

On the heels of the smash hit ?When Women had Tails?. world renouned director Lena Wertmueller has done it again. Without tails, women are far less predictable. When They literally ?catch? their men, the course of human kind is changed forever. Ms. Wertmuller directs the alluring Senta Berger and her band of men-starved, tail-less woemen to a life of maturity. It is another cleverly done, very funny transformation from a prehistoric lifestyle to a more civilized romp. 94 minutes.Color. Adults only. Strong sexual content / nudity / slapstick violence. Color.

Sweet Dirty Tony

When the CIA (Raymond St. Jacques) and the Mafia (Michael Gazzo of Godfather II), team up to "Kill the son-of-a-b.." (referring to Fidel Castro), the cast is set for murder, espionage, blackmail and teachery. The deal: the CIA will help the Mafia brings drugs into Cuba; The Mafia willassist the CIA in its murder plot, and much much more. 90 minutes. Color.

Man-Eater withBurt Reynolds

With trouble in the African gunrunning trade mounting, Burt Reynolds is easily recruited into assisting Pinal and Sullivan in a fish collecting expedition. Burt is rugged independence personified but fishing is better than dinner with the Sudanese Army. And much much more. 92 minutes. Color. 


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