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Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)
Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)

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The Man on the Eiffel Tower -The Hanging Woman - Crucible of Terror - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


The Man onn the Eiffel Tower

This is Burgess Meredith's first attempt at film directing, and he begins the intrique from the very first scene. Meredith masterfully weaves the web of love, money, and greed in human affairs. If you have aver wondered about the beauty of Paris atop the Eiffel Tower you have the opportunity to view this spectacular scene as well as enjoy this great film. 82 minutes. Color.

The Hanging Woman

The Count, Kauth Manauli, has just died, apparently of natural causes. Yet, as the family assembles for the funeral the Counts' own nephew, Serge (Stanley Cooper), finds his own cousin hangind at the end of a rope, and much much more. 91 minutes. Color, ©2005

Crucible of Terror

An occult-obsessed sculptor crafts a work of horror as he creates bronze statues of beautiful young women. That is he doesn't use Gils as models..... He pours hot wax and Molten M over his helpless Victims ! Mike Raven and Ronald Lacey star: Directed by Ted Hooker, 90 minutes. 

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This is a delightful portrayal of Italian women who manipulate their sexual favors to get what they want. In one tale Sophia Loren finds an unusual angle to legally evade paying her taxes; in another she plays the wife of a wealthy businessman with a knack for turning heads; finally, as a participant in the worlds oldest profession, she entices a seminary student who engages to change her ways. 119 minutes. Color.119 minutes,©2005



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