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Pro Photo Techniques - Vol. 1 - 3 DVD Set Box
Pro Photo Techniques - Vol. 1 - 3 DVD Set Box

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Dive Travel - USS - North Carolina - Alaska - Michigan's Upper Great Lakes - La Jolla Cove San Diego


On this Dive Travel Adventure, join us as we stay in the USA and travel to Morehead City, North Carolina to dive some of the ship wrecks that are part of “the graveyard of the Atlantic”.
We interview Captain George Purifoy and friend, Claud Hull, about the U352 German Sub which they discovered (sunk May 9, 1942) as we give you a video tour of the sub 100 feet below the ocean surface.
We also interview Divemaster Bud Daniels and Claud Hull about “The Papoose”, a ship they found. Other ship wrecks we tour include: The Caribsea, Indra, Spar, U.S.S. Schurz and Aeolus.
Most of these shipwrecks are surrounded and covered with marine life, including dozens of Sand Tiger sharks up to 9 feet in length.
We take you on a topside tour of the Morehead area and beaches, visit the new North Carolina Aquarium which has a replica of the U352 sub surrounded by sharks, and tour the city of Wilmington.



As the great glaciers of the last ice age retreated from Southeast Alaska and British Columbia, a new and beautiful land was born. We take our dry suits to the most northern route yet in our series, heading to Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, and take a ten day cruise and dive along the inside passage to Sitka, Alaska. In Vancouver we tour the beautiful city, take a gondola ride up Grouse Mountain, and take a spectacular helicopter tour of the surrounding snowcapped mountain ranges and the beautiful harbor before boarding Captain Mike’s Nautilus Explorer on this special cruise. As we cruise the majestic 1,000 mile inside passage, the ever changing panorama of natural beauty comes alive. It’s here we witness hundreds of bald eagles, feeding, nesting and circling overhead , along with harbor seals, Alaska brown bears, humpback whales, and sea otters.


Shipwrecks of Michigan's UPPER GREAT LAKES:

We are in our home state of Michigan for this edition of Dive Travel. Many have asked us to dive and explore a few of the thousands of shipwrecks in the northern part of our Great Lakes.
On this show we visit eight wrecks, two in Lake Michigan: the Eber Ward, sunk in 1909; and the Sandusky, sunk in 1856 during the civil war. We visit two in Lake Huron: the Cedarville, the third largest shipwreck in the Great Lakes, sunk in 1965; and the William Barnnam. In Lake Superior, just off Munising, we visit four: the Steven M. Selvick, a 71’ city class tugboat; the Herman H. Hettler, a 200’ three-masted steam barge; the Smith Moore, a 226’ woodenhulled steamer; and the Bermuda, a 145’ schooner.


La Jolla Cove - San Diego:

On this dive adventure, we travel to sunny San Diego to dive the famous Kelp Forest in La Jolla Cove. The Kelp Forest stretches along the southern coast of California. La Jolla Cove is one of the few places in the San Diego area that features “clear” underwater visits year round. It’s the perfect place for snorkeling and viewing ocean life. Visibility is about 30 feet. The cove is protected from fishing and kelp harvesting and is maintained as a marine sanctuary. In unprotected areas, the kelp is harvested to make vitamins. We also dive with giant Black Sea Bass, only native to that region in this cove. These giant Sea Bass range in size from 60 to 300 lbs, with the largest growing up to 500 lbs. While there, we offer a mini-tribute both to a fish and to a man. 

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