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Fun To Know: Car Care Tips (DVD)
Fun To Know: Car Care Tips (DVD)

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Artistic Video: Phantom Kung-Fu, Vol.1 - Punching with Master Bob Klein

Beginner Level - The fighting style of Tai-chi-Chuan, the fighter "disappearing" through evasive maneuvers and re-appearing in unexpected places with internal energy strikes. Vol. 1 shows the many types of punches with proper body mechanics.

This series teaches the unique approach to this fighting style of Master Bob Klein. It emphasizes the fluidity of the body, the use of internal energy and the use of the dynamics of animal movement which Mr. Klein calls "Zookinesis".

The very basic principles of developing and transfer of power are clearly demonstrated with each of the many punching techniques. Some of these techniques are very unusual and unique to this system. A "wave" heavy bag is used. 60 minutes


1975 /2015

Item ID: 754309082211

DVD Hard Copy: $24.95

Digital Streaming: $5.99

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