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Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)
Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)

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ARTISTIC VIDEO: Japanese Shiatsu Massage with Jerry Luglio Vol.1


Watch monkey tailed skink lizards munching on mangos. Rough necked Dragon (monitor) lizards, tiny green and red geckos and giant Madagascan chameleons are part of the Animal Man's lizard breeding collection. Bob Klein has presented his "Animal Man" programs to over one and a half million students and teachers. Now we get to see his private animal collection as he, his wife Jean, daughter Tabitha and her friends help take care of these exotic creatures. We will see chameleons shoot out their long tongues to catch insects, protecting their territory against intruders and a female laying her eggs. Iguanas and blue tonged skinks have their lunch while hefty tegu lizards wander around the pond. This program teaches basic ecological principles with delightfully exciting and endearing animals. The spirit and personality of each lizard shines through. 120 min.
1985 / 2015

Item ID: 754309082235

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Digital Streaming: $5.99

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