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Kennedy -  This 1- Starring Martin Sheen (2 Disk Set DVD)
Kennedy - This 1- Starring Martin Sheen (2 Disk Set DVD)

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Planet Earth: The Climate Puzzle & Tales From Other Worlds - Volume 2 (DVD)

Witness the power of the savage forces that created our world.  Voyage from the ocean's depths to the distant boundaries of the solar system.  PLANET EARTH reveals the secret history of our four billion year old home.  This vivid 7-part Emmy Award winning chronicle of discovery documents astonishing discovery in the new geoscience as it guides us to a better understanding of our planet's past, present and future.  Come along on a journey of breathtaking imagery and compelling ideas.  Confront the furies and probe the mysteries that are our PLANET EARTH


Is a new Ice Age inevitable or will life on earth disappear in a colossal flood?  "The Climate PUzzle" examines milestones in climate science that reveal a half million year history of Earth's weather.  Join scientists as they comb the continents in search of the forces generating our climate.  Gaze into a computerized crystal ball that shows the weather of the distant past...and the far-off future.  Learn about the ominous role of termites in the clobal warming trend.  Combining amazing new facts with riveting views of climatic phenomena, the answers to the climate puzzle present a fascinating look at the workings of our world, PLANET EARTH.


Will a death star's orbit around the sun mark the end of life on earth?  "Tales From Other Worlds" provides us with crucial clues about Planet Earth's history and future.  Visit the great failed star Jupiter, probe the raging volcano of lo, and peer through acid rain clouds to see the full surface of Venus for the very first time.  Join the search for the death star Nemesis, whose previous visit around the sun may have killed the dinosaurs.  Brimming with vibrant images, incredible visual effects and rarely seen footage from space, these tales from other world lay bare the past and point to the futre of PLANET EARTH.


[©1995] Narrated by Richard Kiley, Run Time: 116 mins.

Item ID: 783722719626

DVD Hard Copy: $29.98

Digital Streaming: $5.99

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