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Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)
Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)

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Planet Earth - The Solar Sea - Gifts From The Earth - Fate of the Earth - Vol.3

Witness the power of the savage forces that created our world.  Voyage from the ocean's depths to the distant boundaries of the solar system.  PLANET EARTH reveals the secret history of our four billion year old home.  This vivid 7-part Emmy Award winning chronicle of discovery documents astonishing discovery in the new geoscience as it guides us to a better understanding of our planet's past, present and future.  Come along on a journey of breathtaking imagery and compelling ideas.  Confront the furies and probe the mysteries that are our PLANET EARTH

THE SOLAR SEA (58 mins.)

Peel back the visible surface of our sun and peer inside the star that gives Earth life.  "The Solar Sea" presents an unprecedented view of a power beyond the grasp of human imagination.  Experience the amazing effect os solar wind raging through the cosmos at a million miles per hour. Look down from outer space a the fiery ring of gases known as Aurora Borealis.  Bear witness to the awesome power of the solar sea's sunspots and flares in the most dazzling light show ever seen from, PLANET EARTH.


Have we recklessly squandered all our valuable natural resources or will Earth continue to provide.  "Gifts From The Earth" investigates the dwindling store of mineral wealth that provides the fundamental building blocks of our technology.  Explore incredible geological resources like the eeri "black smokers" - hot springs located on the ocean floor that have created abundant deposits over millions of years.  Witness the fiery birth of Earth's riches.  This treasure trove of knowledge sheds new light on the gifts we receive from PLANET EARTH.

FATE OF THE EARTH (58 mins.)

Are we destroying the delicate balance of our four billion year old Planet?  "Fate of the Earth" examines humankind's capacity for destruction and our newfound concern for preservation.  You'll be terrifed by the appalling vision of nuclear holocaust.  Witness massive flooding as the greenhouse effect melts the polar ice caps.  Behold the horrifying desertification of Earth's dwindling rain forests.  View the desolate wastes of nuclear winter.  Intense imagery and spectacular visual effects combine to paint chilling images of the possible fate of PLANET EARTH.

[©1995] Narrated by Richard Kiley, Run Time: 174 mins.

Item ID: 783722719725

DVD Hard Copy: $29.95

Digital Streaming: $5.99

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