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Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)
Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)

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Positive Home Solutions - Basic Home Remodelingr on DVD

Basic Home Remodeling: Home Improvement.

Complete and accurate how-to information to assist the average homeowner to successsfully undertake the described projects, with the fewest mistakes and the highest level of quality work. Projects include installing skylights, paint & wallpaper, wood refinishing, attic conversion, and more!. This program will assist you in making the difficult, often times scary, decisions when it comes to remodeling and decorating your home.

Most people are in terror of spending their money for what might turn out to be a dreadful mistake, but the knowledge gained in this comprehensive DVD can help you make the right selection.  Step by step instructions and practical shortcuts.  Printable instructions using your DVD-ROM equipped PC. Topics chaptered for easy access to facilitate viewing of desired segment.

(about 120 minutes)

Item ID: 787364521999

DVD Hard Copy: $12.95

Digital Streaming: $5.99

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