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Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond
Belly Dancing Lessons with Susan Diamond

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Fun To Know: Desk Work -Out - DVD


Is there a way to maximize our time while we’re working to also -workout? Yes, and it starts with awareness and knowledge. Bessie Neshan, an IFPA Certified Personal Trainer will help you achieve optimum health in the workplace whether you’re an employer, employee, work in an office or work from home. Because sitting for countless hours a week at a desk or a computer certainly does not contribute to better health. This DVD - Desk Work-Out, will tackle main areas that will help you promote a healthier lifestyle in the workplace. We examine ways to reduce muscle tension, stiffness and strain, which can lead to repetitive strain injuries. We learn simple work area changes as well as stretching exercises that anyone can do anywhere. We’ll learn how to integrate aerobic and strength training exercises throughout the day which will then enhance mental and work performance, increase metabolism, reduce fatigue, and improve mood and working relationships. Stress in the workplace is unavoidable – but it can be managed. We discuss and demonstrate a simple breathing technique that will prove priceless when undergoing tense and stressful situations in the workplace or anywhere else.

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