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TRAVEL - Africa - Destination Africa on DVD
TRAVEL - Africa - Destination Africa on DVD

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Fun To Know: Using Digital Cameras on DVD


Digital camera is a great tool for spending creative quality time. These days you can experiment with your camera as long as you want to create the best combination of object, background light and colors. There is no additional expense of purchasing and developing films, only to find out that the pictures you took are not as good as you hoped for. With Digital Camera you can try any combination, check it immediately, delete or keep the pictures until you reach the best result. This DVD is an instructional tool for those who wish to get the best still pictures using a digital camera. An easy to follow demonstration by a highly professional cameraman, Andy Cohen, a passionate photographer, a winner of many awards, who has his work presented in many art shows and galleries. Andy Cohen is an experience photographer in every aspect of photography. On this DVD he explains the essentials of how to create a clear and interesting picture. The DVD covers the basics of Digital Camera. Among many other topics you will find: A bit about the History of Photography, The Camera Parts, The Functions of Digital Camera, The Mega Pixel, The Camera Flash, Taking Pictures Outdoors & Indoors, Photographing Pets Kids Objects, using window light, and how to create a story using still pictures, and more. This DVD makes it easy to learn techniques used by the most artistic photographers. Each chapter includes a review of the pictures taken. ©2006. Color

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