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Fun To Know: Car Care Tips (DVD)
Fun To Know: Car Care Tips (DVD)

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Fun-To-Know: The Best of Grilling

THE BEST OF GRILLING This DVD is for those who wish to make sure that their next outdoor cooking meal is full of flavor and that their Barbecue grilling is tangy and moist as well as for those who buy new barbecue grill and would like to learn the tips and secrets of best grilling. This DVD will enhance the viewers? grilling methods and the results of their cooking with new recipes and ideas. BARBARA SEELIG BROWN is the author of Stress Free Cooking, a food and wine writer, a culinary educator and nutritionist who has studied nutrition and exercise science at Fairleigh Dickinson University and the College of St. Elizabeth. She is currently product spokesperson for Colavita, USA and Shady Brook Farms, Barbara writes a column ? Healthy Lifestyles? for Recorder Newspapers, and is a contributor to Cooking Light, Garden State Woman and New Jersey Countryside magazines and The LA Times Foodstyles. 60 Minutes, c2004, Color.

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