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TRAVEL - Africa - Destination Africa on DVD
TRAVEL - Africa - Destination Africa on DVD

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Fun To Know - Learn to Play Keyboards (DVD)

Fun-To-Know DVD Series (English Only)

A step-by-step guide through the basic techniques that will have you playing today! Learn the essentials of playing keyboards, the roots of rock and blues and enjoy playing entire song rhythms with our exclusive full band backing tracks that will give you the excitement and energy of playing.
From the producers of the award winning Rock House Method, comes the EASIEST Keyboard lesson program EVER available Guaranteed.

1. Ask the teacher questions & chat with other students
2.  Download sheet music, get helpful tips & take a quiz
3.  Download backing tracks to play along with
4.  Upload and download MP3s, and much more
5.  Receive additional theory
6.  Become a part of the most complete music community ever!
And much more to make your learning fun, easy, and complete.

Included FREE with this program: Membership to The Rock House Method's Interactive lesson support system on the web. To find out how to get your free membership log onto

Run Time: 60 mins.

Item ID: 822479034023

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95

Digital Streaming: $5.99

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