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Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)
Fun To Know: Ballroom Dancing (DVD)

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USFS - Avion - No Easy Days - The Incredible Drama of Naval Aviation on DVD

Nothing is easy about flying from an aircraft carrieer. Just why that statement is true is amply illustrated in this remakable video. Based on a popular book by the same name, No Easy Days captures some of the most dramatic mishaps in naval aviation. Catch your breath and see first hand all of the bewildering ways a flight can go wrong: Cold Cats, Engine Failures, Wave-Offs, Ramp Strikes... they're all here! Plus the enedited, full story of the horrific USS Forrestal fire. In the Navy there is a saying - "every crash is a lesson learned." Viewers who watch this remarkable production will see how true that is - and then reflect on the good people that brave this hazardous environment so we can live our much quieter lives in the comfort of peace. [©2008 - ©2015, B/W -Color] Run Time: 45 mins.

Item ID: 9780981475318

DVD Hard Copy: $19.95


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