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Dive Travel - Nassau Bahamas with Divemaster Gary Knapp on DVD
Dive Travel - Nassau Bahamas with Divemaster Gary Knapp on DVD

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80 Piece Carving Set in Wooden Case.

DVD Hard Copy: $99.99



A Matter of Taste takes an intimate look inside the world of an immensely talented and driven young chef, Paul Liebrandt. At 24, he was awarded three stars by The New York Times

DVD Hard Copy: $29.95


22 Piece Carving Set in Wooden Case

DVD Hard Copy: $74.99



Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven is an intimate portrait of Le Cirque founder Sirio Maccioni and his three sons – Mauro, Marco and Mario – to whom he will one day leave his formidable cultural and culina ....

DVD Hard Copy: $69.95


This easy to follow DVD will help you become a professional bartender using this DVD and you can right away make additional income at an exciting and fun job.
Just Pop-in the DVD and with no expensive classes, you can learn in the comfort of your home to bartend in a professional way.
With its proven system of few steps the sy ....

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95



If you have kids at home, you already have some sous chefs in the house. Kids love to create and cook. If you involve your family in the cooking, they will learn more about food, be more aware of what they are eatin ....

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95


Fun-To-Know DVD Series
This unique DVD will teach you how to get a grip on drink mixing.
Thomas Bitler a professional bartender 11 years at the Waldorf Astoria in NY presents the magic of mixing drinks and explaining how to professionaly create 50 of the most popular drinks and cocktails, at home. ....

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95



Cooking healthy and eating healthy is important for everyone but it is especially important for anyone with health problems like Diabetes. Managing Diabetes involves balancing medication and proper life s ....

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95



Healthy eating includes a variety of different foods and watching portion sizes is the key to a healthy diet especially to those of us who have experienced heart problems. Limit foods with a high con ....

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95


PAIRING FOOD & WINE You will learn how to develop a familiarity with the suggestions and an understanding of why the suggested combinations usually work. You will learn how to capture the goal of pairing food and wine by creating synergy between them while considering acids, tannins and sugars in the wine and ....

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95



APPETIZERS, SOUPS & SALADS. This DVD which is based on Barbara Seelig Brown’s book “Stress Free Cooking” provides the preparation in live demonstration of appetizers, soups and salad ....

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95



MAIN COURSES, SIDE DISHES & DESSERTS. This DVD is volume 2 of the Stress Free Cooking series based on Barbara Seelig Brown’s recipes book by the same name. On this DVD you will see cooking demon ....

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95


Fun-To-Know DVD Series

The Secrets of Wine revealed?Skip the sales pitch and know what wine to buy.
A Wine expert explains how to reveal the taste and aroma in the most popular types of red and white wines. Learn to taste, smell and choose the right wine for ....

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95


THE BEST OF GRILLING This DVD is for those who wish to make sure that their next outdoor cooking meal is full of flavor and that their Barbecue grilling is tangy and moist as well as for those who buy new barbecue grill and would like to learn the tips and secrets of best grilling. This DVD will enhance the viewe ....

DVD Hard Copy: $14.95


Patti Hudson's collection of step-by-step demonstrations are a visual treat appropriate for adults, teachers, and children. The variety of these programs instruct, demonstrate and entertain. "Highly Recommended" by VIDEO LIBRARIAN (Nov - Dec 2006). The DVD includes: The Gingerbread House - How to ba ....

DVD Hard Copy: $19.95


Chef Harvey guides you through the process of turning ordinary vegetables, fruits and melons into culinary works of art.
Learn to create some of the following garnishes for yourself:
  Spiral Vegetables, Cucumber Chain, Melon Basket,
  Radish Star, Strip Tomato Rose, Radish Prope ....

DVD Hard Copy: $29.95

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