Dive Travel – Costa Rica

Dive Travel – Costa Rica




On this Dive Travel adventure, we fly into Libera, in Costa Rica, and stay at the beautiful Ocotal Beach Resort, located on a high bluff overlooking a scenic bay on the Pacific Ocean coast.

We are here during the “green season” when the waters in the Pacific are tinted green. Visibility is about 30 feet, but what the waters lack in visibility, they make up for in an abundance of aquatic marine life. National Geographic calls Costa Rica “one of the most biologically intense places on earth.”

We will encounter our first Whale shark, see a cloud of hundreds of Cose Nose Rays swim overhead, and countless schools of Pacific fish.

We will dive some of the most popular locations Costa Rica has to offer, including the famous Bat island, known for Bull sharks, and Catalina, Buda, and more.

The high cliff Shoreline and jagged rocks pointing up out of the ocean floor had various dive locations is breathtaking and yet somewhat Erie.

Shot exclusively in HD widescreen.


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